What is the Take-A-Breath project

The Take-A-Breath system is based on the adoption of innovative software technologies (virtual and augmented reality, clinical decision making) and hardware (wireless personal bio-monitoring system) to implement a range of advanced sophisticated self-management services for patients with chronic respiratory diseases able to radically change the way they treat themselves and adhere with the doctors’ prescriptions. With the Take-A-Breath system, "regular monitoring" is transformed into "personalized monitoring" in real time, the proper use of the inhaler device is controlled in an innovative way, while the system offers to the patient a series of instructions in order to avoid asthma exacerbations and emergency situations.

Therefore, the main innovation elements of the project are:

  •  Development of an innovative system of medical inference extraction and decision-making, to help predict and effectively intervene, for patients with asthma and COPD.
  •  Develop an individualized and personalized self-management and support system for patients with respiratory diseases.