The Take-A-Breath work plan consists of 6 work packages, while the indicative architecture of the sys-tem presents the following structure blocks:

  • The user's bio-monitoring sub-system will include the necessary communication infrastructure with sensors and signal processing methods essential to track real-time home and work parameters of interest, which will be defined from the clinical studies to be performed.
  • The personalized self-management application of respiratory diseases will work through the patient's mobile device and will provide the necessary guidance for self-improvement via training on proper use of inhaler devices. This application will include the communication infrastructure with the bio-monitoring sub-system, as well as intelligent gaming machines and interactive narrations to interact effectively with the user.
  • The medical deduction and decision support sub-system will consist of three sub-modules. The first one concerns individual patient models. The status and risk assessment module, taking into account the current values of the variables recorded, as well as the personalized model, will assess the current state of respiratory disease and the trend of its progress and, on the other hand, the level of adherence of the user with the terms of medication and the instructions given by the physician. The third sub-module, related to the decision-making system and interventions, will be responsible for proposing to the user an adjustment scenario that can improve his /her situation.


The work plan consists of 5 phases that are also accompanied by the horizontal dissemination and coordination activities of the project:

  • The first stage of the project is the Specification Stage where all end-user needs and partner know-how are translated into a set of functional requirements for the individual Take-A-Breath sub-systems.
  • The second stage of the project is a detailed planning process where the coordinators of the specific working tasks will focus their efforts on the composition of the individual architectures for each of the Take-A-Breath sub-systems.
  • In the third stage of the project (Implementation Phase) the detailed architectural plans of the sub-systems will be developed into hardware and software components for the referred platform.
  • The fourth stage of the project is the Integration Stage, which will integrate and interconnect all sub-systems developed at the previous stage. Coordinated communication will be tested with appropriate usage scenarios, while additional adjustments and modifications will be made to optimize the operation of Take-A-Breath as an integrated system.
  • The fifth and final stage includes the installation and the Take-A-Breath Pilot Test in a set of Final Us-ers. The pilot operation will be supported by all partners, implementing amendment actions where required.