The Take-A-Breath Objectives

The objectives of the project are summarized below:

  • O1: Development of an innovative system of self-management and compliance with the treatment of patients with chronic respiratory diseases.
  • O2: Design and development of a wireless personal add-on system using sensors and technologies that can be adapted to any drug inhaler (pMDIs, DPIs).
  • O3: Use of innovative and augmented reality technologies to provide adequate guidance and assistance to patients (adults and children) in their daily use of drug receipt devices in collaboration with the wireless bio-monitoring system.
  • O4: Implementation of a personalized patient monitoring and guidance platform to be compatible with a mobile device (phone, tablet) for effective patient education.
  • O5: Design and development of an in-depth sub-system of medical inference and decision making (clinical platform) for the effective prediction, prevention and treatment of asthma attacks.
  • O6: Evaluation and presentation of efficient operation of the proposed system in real-world conditions through pilot application to patients.